Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Masters for a real master

What you see above is ingested, chewed up, and puked on Masters tickets.  This frat guy Russ Berkman (that name alone tells me he fucks girls that are questionably too drunk) won The Masters Lottery but his dog had other ideas and ate the tickets he bought.  My guess is he didnt want to be alone with Berkmans lame girlfriend with good weather coming his way.  I blame neither side.

Berkman had rooms booked, Tee times and Im sure escorts cause thats what Rusty Berks does.  So he poured Hydrogen Peroxide down his dogs throat (I guess thats ok) and waited for Sparky to puke it up, put the tickets back together, took a pic and called Augusta.  They reissued his tickets...Frat Frat Frat

Now he can get back to his weekend of sexism, wealth and racism in no particular order.

-Les Anderson

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