Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well Played Hockey

Emma Andersson – wife of Red Wings C Henrik Zetterberg

Photo of Henrik Zetterberg's wife Emma Andersson

Carrie Underwood – wife of Nashville Predators C Mike Fisher (and country singer)

Photo of Carrie Underwood's legs

Gabrielle Velasquez – girlfriend of Blackhawks C Jonathan Toews

Photo of Jonathan Toews' girlfriend Gabrielle Velasquez

Tammy Plante – wife of Bruins winger Nathan Horton

Photo of Nathan Horton's wife Tammy Plante

Melanie Collins – girlfriend of Flyers winger Scottie Upshall (and sideline reporter for BTN and NBATV)

Photo of Melanie Collins in a bikini

Gina Luongo – wife of Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo

Kathryn Hurley – girlfriend of Bruins winger Tyler Seguin

Photo of Tyler Seguin's girlfriend

Kathy Leutner – reported girlfriend of Penguins C Sidney Crosby

Photo of Kathy Leutner

Jessica Welch – ex-wife of Kings winger Dustin Penner

Photo of Dustin Penner's ex-wife Jessica Welch

Brittany Carnegie – girlfriend of Bruins winger Milan Lucic

Photo of Milan Lucic's girlfriend Brittany Carnegie

Olivia Munn – ex-girlfriend of Rangers C Brad Richards

Photo of Olivia Munn in a red bikini

Naomi Starr – girlfriend of Bruins C DavidKrejci

Photo of Naomi Starr in a white bikini

Maria Kirilenko – girlfriend of Capitals winger Alex Ovechkin (and professional tennis player)

Photo of Maria Kirilenko on the beach

Katie Cassidy – girlfriend of Kings C Jarret Stoll (and actress)

Photo of Katie Cassidy in a hot dress

Lisa Hartnell – ex-wife of Flyers winger Scott Hartnell

Photo of Scott and Lisa Hartnell

Marie-Pier Morin – girlfriend of Rangers winger Brandon Prust

Photo of Marie-Pier Morin

Petra Volakova – wife of Devils winger Patrick Elias

Photo of Petra Volakova

Oksana Kondakova – girlfriend of Penguins C Evgeni Malkin

Photo of Evgeni Malkin's girlfriend

Inna Puhakkova – girlfriend of Flyers winger Jaromir Jagr

Photo of Jaromir Jagr's girlfriend Inna Puhajkova

Yevgeniya Bryzgalov – wife of Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov

Photo of Ilya Bryzgalov's wife Yevgeniya

Even though I dont watch a lot of hockey I respect the players mostly cause they
 fight and party.  You know who else fights and parties, Bros.  Hockey guys are
 bros, hence they fuck super hot chicks and are smart enough to bounce some
 troll they dated in high school (looking at you black guys).

- Thanks Its Always Sunny in Detroit for the pics

-Les Anderson

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