Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You know body and money are not synonyms right?

hristina Aguilera's boyfriend is "happy with her body." The 31-year-old actress is known for her fluctuating weight, but Matthew Rutler - who she met on the set of Burlesque in 2010 - thinks she looks great, whatever her shape.

A source said: "Matt is happy with the way she looks, however it is. Even when she was looking heavier, he would always say, 'She looks gorgeous to me'."

No clue why Im talking shit.  If you're going to fuck a chick for her money you can do a lot worse than Christina.  To tell you the truth if you showed me that guy in a picture, I would think his girlfriend was about 3.  So Christina is better looking than his ex and has more money than you can you spend on all the donuts in LA.  (thats a proven fact)  Victory skinny pale asshole

-Les Anderson

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